The 5 stages of Community Engagement every Industrial Operation must understand  


Industrial operations and airports can receive upwards of several thousand environmental complaints a year from nearby residents. 

Today, public perception of any operation is directly linked to social licence to operate and financial success. 

At Envirosuite we have identified stages of community engagement on a scale of 1-5 and the unique approaches to each for successful stakeholder engagement.  

Carrying out the most suitable strategy for your organisation will ultimately strengthen social licence to operate by influencing public perception to support necessary activities and growth initiatives.

Registration to this webinar is free of charge and will be offered in two time zones.

Wednesday October 28

In this webinar Andres will share valuable strategies to:

Execute strategies based on the specific level of community engagement your operation requires – today and tomorrow.

Respond to community complaints

Use easy-to-understand environmental data that provides meaningful information to all stakeholders.  

Support expansion plans by delivering a tailored engagement program with publicly accessible portals for education and self-investigation. 

Engage with surrounding communities  

Strengthen social licence to operate


Andres Quijano

Andres has over 15 years of experience creating integrated hardware and software solutions that assist environmental professionals and site operators to optimize their management plans. Recently, he has played the lead role in implementing Envirosuite’s groundbreaking solution at the Cerrejon mine to provide a proactive environmental management system including solutions for dust, blasting, vibration and groundwater and surface water.

Solution Design Engineer

Harness the power of Environmental Intelligence


Envirosuite is global leader in Environmental Intelligence and a trusted partner to over 500 of the world’s leading industry operators in airports, cities, construction, mining, heavy industry, waste and water.

Our solutions combines leading-edge science and predictive technology with industry expertise to produce actionable insights, allowing our clients to optimise their operations whilst managing their environmental impact.

By harnessing the power of environmental intelligence, Envirosuite helps industry grow and communities thrive.

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